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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So I wonder, do people get less excited about things as they get older, or perhaps, just have too many other things to do than talk about their life, thoughts, and hopes for the future?

I've somehow moved away from my habit of blogging, and I honestly have no idea why. I'm in somewhat of a strange, musing mood today though, and just feel like putting my thoughts into words.

 I used to think that I know a thing or two about dating, relationships, love. But recently, I feel like I don't really know anything at all. Do you need to understand someone for relationships to work? Can you love someone and at the same time, are completely confounded by them? Are relationships with next to no quarrelling healthy? Should you make your other half your all in life?

These and more, are questions I've asked myself before. And actually, I haven't found the answers to any of these yet. Sometimes I feel that every pairing is just different and there is no 'textbook answers' that are right or wrong.

In any case, just some food for thought perhaps.

:1:15 AM: :sugah~plum

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

So I realised over the last few days, that some things are a lot more difficult than I had imagined them to be. But I suppose every new problem one faces is an opportunity to learn and grow more as a person. I'm not so sure I very much like becoming more adult and rational about things, but we'll see.

:7:16 AM: :sugah~plum

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Bruges

You know, I'm glad I keep a blog. I like to see how things have changed... or not changed. Seems like for me after each year passes, I look back and see, that actually, nothing has changed. Or that the year just disappeared without me realising it. Tsk.

So anyway, it's really late and I'm very tired from work today. But I guess I just wanted to do a very quick post on my poor neglected blog, just to let it know I still love it.

Oh and I just went to Europe again - Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges and London. I love Europe. And having lovely afternoon tea.

Will maybe post more about this trip next time.

Ciao ciao!

:1:34 AM: :sugah~plum

Sunday, September 04, 2011

It's funny how things can change so much in the span of 6 years, and it's also funny how 6 years has passed so quickly. Read through some old message logs today and felt all of the following emotions: nostalgia, hurt, amusement and most of all, wonder.

How much have we really changed, or perhaps even 'improved', over the years? That's probably for each individual to decide, but for me, I definitely think I have. If only small bits of me, but I believe it is for the better.

How strange, really, life can be.

:12:58 PM: :sugah~plum

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Missing you.

Someone once chided me for letting my life revolve too much around my boyfriend. I admit, I do when he's here - will always try my best to devote time to him and not arrange other appointments unless I have to, especially when he's about to leave. But well, the constant separation is really tough - the months when he's not around does get kind of tiring after a while. I mean, I'm still happy when he's not here - life goes on, I have great friends and family, a fairly enjoyable job and fun hobbies. But when he's gone, there's just this aching missing part of me which longs to be complete again. So... guess I do let my life revolve very much around him when he's here. Is that really that bad?

And though the waiting really sucks, I truly believe he's worth it.

In other news, I visited a bonesetter about three plus weeks ago, and OH MY was it an amazing life-changing experience. I mean, I always knew my shoulders were screwed up, tight and always knotted, but WHOA when he pushed and pulled the bones / joints into place I never knew I could experience that much pain. My world went fuzzy, my hearing was muted and I felt really nauseous. I know this sounds slightly masochistic, but it was pretty cool, actually. Especially since after all the fixing (of ankle, back of knee, hips, wrists, arm and of course the shoulders), I stopped slouching and the tension and tightness in my shoulders were all gone. Amazing, right!

Unfortunately, three weeks into it and I'm starting to slouch and curl into horrible positions again, and I can feel the tension coming back. But guess it's really just bad habits, which moving bones back into the correct position can't really fix. Gotta try harder to sit properly...

Recently I've been having lots of random thoughts, about what to do with my life, and where I want to go. Think there's lots of things I really need to sort out with myself, and hopefully this is the year to do it. Will have to stop being all talk / thoughts and no action - guess that's my quarter year resolution, or something. Will start by fricking getting my ass to exercising. Been putting that off long enough, ugh.

Perhaps I shall bake cookies too - I used to do that but pity there just doesn't seem to be enough time for things like that, these days.

Allez allez!

:9:23 PM: :sugah~plum

Saturday, March 05, 2011


Gosh haven't posted in the LONGEST time... in what, 3 months?! Heh. Been suuuper busy with work - event after event after event - it's non-stop action lol. Guess I've just been busy spending time with Harry, who's been back for 2 months now :) Unfortunately, he's leaving again soon, so SIGH. Long distance is really a pain :( but well, worth it when you find the right person, yes?


Anyway, I've now been working at a PR agency for about 5 months. It's still not permanent yet, so hmm not sure how things are gonna go, but it's going pretty alright. I kind of enjoy how it, though it's really tiring!

Also just turned 25 about a month ago... man I feel old...!

My awesome boyfriend baked this raspberry and coconut cake for me :) and also cooked a nice meal!

And my great colleagues also got me the most interesting cake ever - a golden pillow! Haha damn funny can I didn't know what it was and cut through the plastic and the curry oozed out. Oops. They also got me a momoteapots dress! YAY.

It's this one here:

The ADS team, especially Da, also got me stuff and organized a nice cake cutting celebration at the studio.

I've been wanting to get a bottle of Romance for a while :)

Thanks aaaaallll my wonderful friends, you're all sweeties!

And now to enjoy the last 2.5 weeks left with Harry..... sigh :( I'll be back after that byeeeee!

:12:31 PM: :sugah~plum

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The countdown begins!

Yayyy the bf's coming back in 20 days omg I can actually kind of see the light at the end of the (current) tunnel :) Shall be counting the days til then..... wheee!

On a separate, unrelated note, I just bought a new dress from momoteapots! Which is owned by Serene, who is interning with FH until this Friday, boo (so no more 'free delivery' after that haha). Super love this dress anyway (:

Photo taken from momoteapots

And on a more related note, Harry actually ordered a dress from Serene and got her to surprise me with it at work by leaving a pretty package on my desk! So nice right... :)

Okay I realise that there are a lot of exclaimation marks in this post, but heck. It's good to be happy. Alright am in the midst of updating my food blog as well (I had actually linked it incorrectly in the previous post but it's the right link now!), and think I shall go finish that up and possibly go work out soon too (sigh).


:10:33 PM: :sugah~plum

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Year Ahead: 2011

Right so my horoscope says that I'll have a "Fruitful Year Ahead with Much Success" (Disclaimer: I chanced upon this while doing work-related research haha) - as much as I'd like to believe that, I'm feeling kind of lost right now, and really can't see how that's really possible. But one can hope, I guess. Some background - I'm currently in a contract position, and it ends 31st December 2010. Hence I'm starting to feel apprehensive about the future... it's quite hard to envision it when you don't even know if you'll have a job on the first day of the new year.

To be honest, I'm not 100% sure this is what I want to do for life or whatever, but I'm fairly happy with it, and would really like to be an actual part of the company and not some floater who helps out here and there whenever needed. It'd be nice to actually own more projects (or well, partially) or have my own accounts, and not just be background support. But oh well. We'll see, I guess.

Anyway, moving on, SISF was 2 weeks ago, and this year was a blast! The performance was great, and the social dancing was well, okay not that great, but decent at least.

Yayy. Really huge team this year but we still managed to put up a good show nevertheless (more people = more potential for messiness). Great job everyone!

The link to the performance is here, if anyone's interested!

Alright that's it for now - been pretty busy at work so should keep this short and go sleep soon. FYI, have also updated my food blog here while I was at it (in the mood for blogging tonight, somehow).

Goodbye for now, world!

:11:19 PM: :sugah~plum

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Updates (:

A lazy coffee on Deepavali afternoon

Wow this took me a looonnngggg time but I've finally finished doing up my sales post at http://sugahplumfairee.blogspot.com/ :) hope I can sell off some of the stuff I bought but never really/hardly worn! They're just taking up space really, and I do need the money.

Zzz. Sucks to be perpetually broke lol. Have decided I *must* somehow get a permanent job and stick to it.

Also, though still broke, went to the new Butterfactory on the night of Deepavali (man public holidays rockk) with my new colleagues - thanks to Danny who signed most of us in :) damn fun and I haven't been to the new Butter yet; like how mountain tortoise am I man haha. Jokes. Haven't been clubbing in almost a year - especially since I usually go for salsa every Friday night, but since Jitterbugs was closed... decided to party instead :)

Okay I'm missing some people but this is like the biggest group picture I have. Don't we look like a happy bunch!

Hehe speaking of public holidays, the week after is gonna be great - leave on Monday and another public holiday on Weds! Hopefully I get to take those though. Also, that's the week after SISF, so I'm sure I'll spend most of the break sleeping or something lol.

And it's now 5 and a half weeks to Harry's return... I can't wait! <3

:1:51 PM: :sugah~plum

Monday, November 01, 2010

Maybe I'll feel better if I just cry.

:2:20 PM: :sugah~plum

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Oops. Again, haven't blogged in a while. Been busy! Spending the last few weeks with Harry before he left, and then starting a new job... yeah been pretty tied up recently. Soo anyway... life is pretty much work salsa work now, while missing the bf and hoping he comes back soon. And, ogling pretty make-up online - mass team order going on from the US, and with the low USD exchange rate.... I can't decide what to get! Been so broke for so long (and still am, sigh), so can't go too crazy on this, but OMG there are SO many gorgeous colours!!! I think I shall flood my blog with some pretty colours yeahhh. Ok all pictures are linked back, in case they sue me for copyright or something lol.

All I can say is.... HELP!

:1:56 PM: :sugah~plum

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The bf's back! :D

So my boyfriend is back in town (yayyy) and his dad had a complimentary hotel stay voucher which he kindly gave to us to use. Thus we had a free night's stay at the Swissotel, at the 57th floor, with it's breathtaking views! Was super awesome. Swaku me never really stayed in a nice hotel in Singapore before (okay fine yes the Ritz, but that was after JC prom night so we were like hardly even in the room anyway and there were like 20 odd people in the room), so it was really nice. And it's so much better when shared with a loved one! :)

What a huugeee bed :)

What a stunning view.

Happinesssss. Yeah it's been a GREAT 2 weeks since he's been back (but that means there's only another 4 left booo).

Okay back to bliss, bye ;P

:11:25 PM: :sugah~plum

:: morning found the breeze, a hundred miles away. ::